Based on its chronicle, the tango “Caminito” had two sources of inspiration.
The verses written by Gabino Coria Peñaloza were inspired by a “Caminito” located in Olta (border between the Argentine provinces of La Rioja and San Luis). However, it was a different muse that inspired the renowned author of the music, Juan de Dios Filiberto, who said: ... « in 1904, I was walking down this path (...); I was going to work... I was a mechanic then...” many years later, when I became a musician, in 1923, one night I was walking down the path, thinking back to the good old days; I remembered a girl who was leaning out of a window and I came up with some beats of the song “El Caminito”, which I only completed in 1926”. The music and the lyrics were born thousands of kilometers away and later merged to create the lyrics of this world-famous Argentine tango.

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